Akira Iguchi

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Akira Iguchi

Business Development & Personal Performance Strategist

For the past several years, Solo Millionaire founder Akira Iguchi has fine-tuned a truly revolutionary approach to business: creating a million dollar company from scratch, with just one person. He is a 3-times internationally bestselling author whose books include, ”Power Talk”, “Power Nomad Thinking”, and “How to love your life in 7 days”.

Founder of Nomad Entrepreneurs Academy, the legendary business development program for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and online marketers, to live life with more passion, more time and more wealth. Akira has become one the highest-paid experts and trainers in the world, taking businesses from the seed of an idea to a $1.5 million dollar empire within the first 18 months.

Akira is also the founder of the Solo Millionaire Academy Elite Coaching Program, the most comprehensive training in the world for an entrepreneur looking to establish themselves in any industry as a team of one.

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